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On the following pages you will learn something about my work with terrestrial orchids. My main interest lies in the culture and propagation of native orchids, and orchids from other cool-temperate and Mediterranean regions. Here, I have described mainly my own experiences and give an overview as well as ... [Information of the supplier, translated]
Wageningen UR Library has an unique collection of historical and recent literature on the tulip. Wageningen University and Research Centre produces modern scientific and practical knowledge about tulips. This site is developed by Wageningen UR Library to make both available for the general public. [Information of the supplier]
Die Pflanzen-Links auf diesen Seiten gehören in den Rahmen einer umfangreichen Linksammlung der Staatlichen Fachschule für Agrarwirtschaft im Agrarbildungszentrum Landshut-Schönbrunn. Nichtsdestotrotz bieten die Links auch allgemein-biologisch Interessierten einige nützliche und anwendungsbezogene ... [Redaktion vifabio]
Beinahe unendlich ist die Fülle der Pflanzen, die in unseren Breiten wachsen und es wäre fast unmöglich alle aufzuzählen. Die wichtigsten jedoch wollen wir hier auf unseren Pflanzen-Seiten aufführen und sie aus wissenschaftlicher und anatomischer Sicht betrachten. [Information des Anbieters]
The aim of The German Society for Horticultural Science (Inc.) is to promote horticultural science. The interchange of ideas and information between scientist and user of research results (e.g. consultant, horticultural practitioner, breeder, agrochemical industry) is the primary focus of the members of The Society. [Information of the supplier]
The Special Collections of Wageningen UR Library has among others an international collection of approximately 35.000 catalogues of nurseries specialised in ornamental plants, bulbs and trees. Also catalogues on fruit, vegetables and agricultural crops and seeds are available. Besides a large collection ... [Information of the supplier]
Hortigate goes back to the regional horticultural information service InfoAuto developed by DLR Rheinpfalz (Rhenish Palatinate) in the 1990s in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. Together with various horticultural partners and sponsors (see links) a project was begun in 2002 as an initiative of the Federal ... [Information of the supplier, translated]
This is a supplement to the Cornell Gardening resources website, and provides Growing Guides and factsheets for flowers and vegetables, as well as tips and techniques for home lawn care. [Information of the supplier, modified]
The Biographical Collection is an online-searchable extract from the Zander Index and contains roughly 7600 documents of biographical data on gardeners and horticultural scientists from all fields of horticulture; also included are many people that have contributed to botany. Biographical cards denoted ... [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
NParks FloraWeb has been created to cater to the growing horticultural awareness and interest amongst people in Singapore in acquiring more information on plants. This plant database aims to be the source of reference for all who are interested in horticulture and landscaping - ranging from novice ... [Information of the supplier]
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