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Open Landscapes 2013 will bring together researchers from all over the world that have a focus on open landscape habitats. The conference will cover a wide range of topics including ecological pattern and processes in undisturbed and disturbed ecosystems; consequences of global change for biodiversity ... [Information of the supplier]
Die Natur ist grenzenlos - nicht in Deutschland. Naturschutz ist in der Bundesrepublik Sache der Länder. Gerade deswegen braucht es eine länderübergreifende Koordinierung. Die 1991 gegründete, gemeinnützige Organisation EUROPARC Deutschland ist genau zu diesem Zweck von Schutzgebieten aus den alten und ... [Information des Anbieters]
Sevilleta LTER is part of the National Science Foundation’s Long Term Ecological Research Network and is managed by the Department of Biology, University of New Mexico. The primary research goal is to understand how abiotic drivers and constraints affect dynamics and stability in an aridland ecosystem. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Anchialine (from Greek meaning "near the sea") refers to coastal caves formed in limestone or volcanic rock that are flooded with seawater. They include the longest submerged caves on Earth. These caves are inhabited by a diverse array of previously unknown species from a number of new higher taxa. While ... [Information of the supplier]
Die 1987 in München gegründete Gesellschaft für Tropenökologie e.V. hat zum Ziel, die tropenökologische Forschung zu fördern, Forschungsergebnisse zu verbreiten und einen Beitrag zum Schutz tropischer Pflanzen, Tiere und Lebensräume zu leisten. Die GTÖ ist Herausgeberin des halbjährlich erscheinenden ... [Redaktion vifabio]
Nutzen Sie die Möglichkeiten dieser Website, um auf Ihrer nächsten Entdeckungstour durch Wiese und Wald die Zusammenhänge und versteckten Interaktionen der verschiedenen Wiesen- und Waldbewohner entdecken zu können! Auf dieser Website finden Sie vertiefende Informationen zu den Büchern aus der Edition ... [Information des Anbieters]
Tropical ecosystems are the biologically richest places on the planet, yet what we know about them comes from scientific studies so specialized that the results rarely make the local news. “Most ecological studies last fewer than five years at a single study site, with measurements focused on an area of ... [Information of the supplier]
JournalMap is an ecological literature search engine that empowers you to find relevant research based on location and biophysical variables as well as traditional keyword searches. All publications are geotagged based on reported location information and plotted on a world map showing where the research ... [Information of the supplier]
The German Mycological Society (DGfM) is a representation of interests of German professional and amateur mycologists, mushroom pickers and nature conservationists. DGfM supports the investigation of fungal relationships and ecology, the conservation of nature and of biotopes, promotes national and ... [Information of the supplier]
In the Association for General and Applied Microbiology are working over 3000 scientists in the field of microbiology which promotes the exchange of scientific information and co-operation of its members with a view to translating the results of microbiological research to the benefit of society and the environment. [Information of the supplier]
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