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The Mycology.Net aims to provide online data on the biodiversity of fungi, including lichens, especially their taxonomy, distribution, phylogeny, descriptive characters, collections, literature etc.; inform about mycological institutions, journals, databases (link sections) and persons engaged in ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
These pages summarize internet resources of interest to mycologists (biologists who study fungi). The WWW Virtual Library is a distributed and comprehensive catalog of internet resources maintained by volunteers. [Information of the supplier]
Work is underway to catalog the type specimens of fungi at the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium, as a continuation of the Type Specimen Catalog Project. The Cataloging of Vascular Plant Type Specimens was completed in 2002. The type specimens of rust fungi (Pucciniaceae) were completed several years ... [Information of the supplier]
This website provides learning and self-assesment resources, and many colour images to supplement the information in the book. [Information of the supplier]
The purpose of this site is to record observations about mushrooms, help people identify mushrooms they aren’t familiar with, and expand the community around the scientific exploration of mushrooms (mycology). Some have asked what counts as a mushroom. This site takes a very broad view. While the ... [Information of the supplier]
These pages give you information on the 2347 species of Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Myxomycetes recorded so far in Northern Ireland including distribution maps. If you click any of the dots on the maps, you will get a species list for that 10km square. There will be gaps in the list, for example the ... [Information of the supplier]
Fungimap is dedicated to improving knowledge and conservation of Australian macrofungi. Our emphasis is on enjoying and learning about fungi and our focus is on macrofungi in the natural environment. The aims of Fungimap are: a) To stimulate and support the study and appreciation of Australian macrofungi... [Information of the supplier] ist ein Projekt, welches wir erschaffen haben, um Menschen mit Interesse für Pilze zusammen zu bringen, ihnen Informationen bereitzustellen und vielleicht dafür zu sorgen, daß die Pilzgemeinde auch bei jungen Menschen neuen Zuwachs findet. Wir bemühen uns um eine wissenschaftliche und ... [Information des Anbieters]
Auf unserer Verbandstagung, die vom 18.-19. Oktober 2014 in Freiburg stattfindet, werden wir den Verband mit seinen Aktivitäten vorstellen. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt wird die Standortsituation des Burgundertrüffels in Deutschland sein. Immer drängender wird die Frage der Nutzung der Wildvorkommen. Deshalb ... [Information des Anbieters]
Die Tagung wird in Form einer internationalen Vortragstagung (11.09.-15.09.2016, Tagungssprache englisch) und einer Exkursions- und Vortragstagung (09.09.-16.09.2016) abgehalten. Unsere Mitgliederversammlung ist für Sonntag, 11.09.2016 geplant. Für die Exkursionstagung bereiten die Pilzfreunde des ... [Information des Anbieters]
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