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Das Skipt einer medizinischen Vorlesung gibt mit Texten, Abbildungen und histologischen Bildern einen allgemeinen Überblick zu den Themen Herz-Kreislaufsystem, Muskelapparat, Atmungsapparat, Harnapparat, Endokrines System, Verdauungsapparat und Nervensystem. [Redaktion vifabio]
The 23rd annual meeting of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology (SBN) will take place from June 19-22, 2019, at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Researchers are invited to present their findings. We anticipate reports on a wide array of organisms across a diversity of contexts—includi... [Information of the supplier]
We are excited to announce that the SBN Annual Meeting in 2023 will be in Tours, France from June 27 – 29, 2023. The meeting will take place at the University of Tours, Faculty of Arts & Human Sciences Theater in downtown Tours. [Information of the supplier]
Ziel des Vereins ist die ideelle Förderung naturwissenschaftlicher Forschung auf den Gebieten der Zoologie, Botanik und der Geowissenschaften. Seine Geschichte geht bis in die erste Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts zurück. Die traditionell vom NHV abgedeckten Fächer umfassen systematisch-taxonomische, ... [Information des Anbieters]
IFAW's mission is to promote and ensure the just and kind treatment of animals as sentient beings. It includes improving the quality of the lives of animals and their environment, preserving animals from extinction, preventing and abolishing animal cruelty, and ensuring that the offshore Canadian and ... [BioFinder]
Save the Manatee Club (SMC) is a membership-based, national nonprofit organization. Funds from the Adopt-A-Manatee program go toward public awareness and education projects; manatee research; rescue and rehabilitation efforts; advocacy and legal action in order to ensure better protection for manatees ... [Information of the supplier]
The Wolverine Foundation, Inc. (TWF) is a non-profit organization comprised of wildlife scientists with a common interest in the wolverine.Our site provides wolverine life history sections for the professional through elementary level students. It provides links to current research, a comprehensive ... [Information of the supplier]
The National Seal Sanctuary is set in the picturesque Helford Estuary, by the beautiful village of Gweek, in Cornwall. The Sanctuary is a busy rescue centre, and also has resident Grey Seals, Common Seals, Californian and Patagonian Sea Lions, Goats, Ponies and Otters. [Information of the supplier]
The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity. [BioFinder]
Purpose: The DGaaE ("German Society for General and Applied Entomology") unites entomologists who are engaged in this research field by profession or privately. It is the purpose of the society to support entomological research and to gather and communicate the existing knowledge in entomology. In favour ... [Information of the supplier]
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