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The British Arachnological Society (BAS) was founded as Flatford Mill Spider Group in 1958. Their objectives are to further the education of the public by promoting the study of the Arachnida, especially spiders (Araneae), pseudoscorpions (Pseudoscorpiones) and harvestmen (Opiliones), and to maintain ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
The American Arachnological Society (AAS) was founded in August 1972 to promote the study of Spiders (Araneae) and other arachnids, to achieve closer cooperation and understanding between amateur and professional arachnologists. The Society publishes the Journal of Arachnology and the newsletter American ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
The International Society of Arachnology is the premier international scientific society devoted to arachnology. ISA focuses on the arachnid orders Amblypygi, Araneae, Opiliones, Palpigradi, Pseudoscorpiones, Ricinulei, Schizomida, Scorpiones, and Uropygi, but not Acari, as other societies dedicated to ... [Information of the supplier]
Die Site enthält ausführliche Informationen zur Biologie der Zecken und wird von der Firma Pfizer unterhalten (Hersteller von Impfstoffen gegen die von Zecken übertragene Krankheit FSME). [Redaktion vifabio]
The intention of this site is to provide information about scorpions to both scientists and others seeking information about these interesting arachnids. The information in this site is as far as possible based on scientific data, but the presentation has a popular science profile to make it available to ... [Information of the supplier]
The Arachnology Home Page is an index of 2500 links to sites with info and pictures of spiders and other arachnids. [Information of the supplier, modified]
As the only local spider specialist in a large metropolitan area, I get many inquiries about spiders from the general public. Since I'm mentioned on the Internet as a spider specialist, some of the public inquiries come from distant places. I also lecture on spiders to both adult and elementary-school ... [Information of the supplier]
Mit dieser Website veröffentlichen wir Tatsachen aus dem Universum der Insekten, Spinnen und sonstigen kleinen Krabbeltiere, also über einen Teil Ihres Planeten, mit dem Sie sich normalerweise selten beschäftigen. Den meisten Menschen sind die hier dargestellten Dinge völlig unbekannt. Deshalb stellen ... [Information des Anbieters]
The World Spider Catalog is based largely on Roewer's volumes, with additions from Bonnet, Brignoli, my own three catalog volumes, and more recent literature. At least in theory, the listings include: all descriptions of new species; all post-Roewer transfers or synonymies of previously described taxa; ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
Part I is a relational Database, allowing immediate cross accessibility to taxonomic data, distribution, literature references in abbreviated form, distribution and list of collections containing particular species. Additional facilities permit displaing lists of species in particular papers, countries ... [Information of the supplier]
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