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The Virus Database at University College London has been developed as a system to organize animal virus open reading frame sequences. All known and predicted protein sequences from complete and partial genomes of particular virus families are extracted from GenBank and filtered to remove 100% redundancy. ... [Information of the supplier]
The SIB and GeneBio have joined their efforts and expertise to bring to you neXtProt that was designed to help researchers make sense of what all these human proteins do in our bodies. neXtProt is both a new and an old resource: new, because we want to create an innovative integrative resource around ... [Information of the supplier]
The p53 tumor suppressor gene was initially identified as being essential for the DNA damage checkpoint, but it was subsequently found to have a broader function after cellular stress, such as oncogene activation or hypoxia. The p53 protein functions as a tetrameric transcription factor found at very low ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
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