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The following website describes a classification of vegetation developed by the California Native Plant Society (CNPS). It is a digital version of the book A Manual of California Vegetation published through the Society. A Manual of California Vegetation (MCV) is out of print. The information in this ... [Information of the supplier]
The mission of the Oregon Flora Project is to serve as a comprehensive resource for the vascular plants of Oregon that grow without cultivation, and to foster effective use of this knowledge by all citizens. [Information of the supplier]
This collection consists of nearly 600 views of plants commonly found in Western Washington. The views are not diagnostic in that one would rarely be able to determine technical features such as the numbers of stamens. However, most provide "aspect" level identification such that in most cases, a person ... [Information of the supplier]
The Wieslander Vegetation Type Map (VTM) collection is a dataset compiled in the 1920s and 30s, consisting of photos, species inventories, plot maps, and vegetation maps covering most of California. The data provide a snapshot of the state''s vegetation in the early 20th century, making the collection an ... [Information of the supplier]
There are four major divisions of this website: a) Our Master List of Southern California Taxa; b) Comments on the "Jepson Manual" and "A Flora of Southern California" by Munz; c) Analysis Pages; d) General Information. Fundamentally, our Master List gives a record of where we and others have found each ... [Information of the supplier]
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