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2015-08-24 — 2015-08-28, Badajoz
We are excited to invite the EOU delegates to Badajoz, site of the University of Extremadura (UEx). Badajoz is the biggest city in Extremadura. It is situated close to the Portuguese border, on the left bank of the river Guadiana. Badajoz is well positioned with good bus and car links to Madrid, Seville ... [Information of the supplier]
2017-08-18 — 2017-08-22, Turku
EOU conferences are held in different places in Europe every two years. They attract several hundred ornithologists from all over Europe and abroad. The 11th EOU biennial conference will take place in Turku, Finland from August 18-22 2017. Please see below a first invitation to Turku. Further details ... [Information of the supplier]
2016-09-28 — 2016-10-03, Stralsund
Die 149. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Ornithologen-Gesellschaft findet auf Einladung des Deutschen Meeresmuseums, des Landesamtes für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Geologie Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, der Ornithologischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, der Universität Greifswald und des Bundesamtes ... [Information des Anbieters]
2018-09-03 — 2018-09-06, Liverpool
We look forward to welcoming you to the 14th International Seabird Group Conference in Liverpool on the 3-6th September 2018. The next International Seabird Group Conference is being organised by Jon Green and Samantha Patrick and colleagues from the University of Liverpool. The conference promises to ... [Information of the supplier]
2017-09-29 — 2017-10-03, Halle (Saale)
The 150th DO-G Annual Convention will be held from Sept 29 to Oct 3, 2017, in Halle (Saale). The programme will cover a wide range of topics under the caption "Ornithology - from past to future". For registration and more detailed information see the German pages, please. [Information of the supplier, modified]
2016-09-05 — 2016-09-09, Halle
It gives us a great pleasure to invite you to attend the 20th conference of the European Bird Census Council (EBCC) called: Bird Numbers 2016 ’Birds in a changing world’. The conference will be hosted by the DDA (Dachverband Deutscher Avifaunisten). EBCC conferences are held every three years, bringing ... [Information of the supplier]
2014-08-18 — 2014-08-24, Tokyo
Recently, in Asian countries, interests in ornithology are increasing for conservation and academic research. The 26th International Ornithological Congress in Japan in 2014 will bring wonderful opportunities for deligates to access beautiful nature of Japan and surrounding areas, and will aid rapid ... [Information of the supplier]
2018-08-19 — 2018-08-26, Vancouver
Vancouver is delighted to welcome ornithologists from around the world on behalf of the International Ornithologists' Union to the 27th International Ornithological Congress (IOCongress2018)! Considered the oldest and most prestigious of meetings for bird scientists, the Congress occurs every four years ... [Information of the supplier]
2016-09-01 — 2016-09-04, Plzeň
Die Tagungen über tropische Vögel bieten seit 1980 eine von Profis wie Laien geschätzte Plattform des Erfahrungsaustauschs zu allen Aspekten der Tropenornithologie – das Spektrum reicht von Feld- und Museumsornithologie bis zu Vogelhaltung und Tiergartenbiologie. Ein wichtiges Ereignis in diesem Jahr ... [Information des Anbieters]
2016-05-10 — 2016-05-13, Çanakkale
Of all living creatures, birds are the group that is most at risk from environmental deterioration caused by human activity. Even the remotest ecosystem is affected in some way, raising the possibility that isolation will afford insufficient protection to any species; migrants are at special risk, ... [Information of the supplier]
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