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12.11.2016 — 15.11.2016, Heidelberg
The main objective of this conference is to bring people together from diverse disciplines to exchange ideas, promote cross-disciplinary collaborations and to form a synthesis of appropriate systems-level approaches. The meeting is therefore purposely broad to cover all aspects of genomics to systems ... [Information of the supplier]
28.03.2018 — 30.03.2018, New Dehli
Several RNA viruses constitute the majority of emerging and re-emerging pathogens, however, there is very little focus on research into the biology and pathogenesis of RNA viruses in India. Studies on epidemiology and disease burden, risk factors, the immune response to RNA viruses, circulating virus ... [Information of the supplier]
25.02.2018 — 27.02.2018, Dehli
Big data analytics is transforming biology and medicine by allowing researchers to extract more information and knowledge from rapidly growing diverse types of data. This India-EMBO Symposium focuses on the translational interface of big data with biomedicine at various scales ranging from microbes to ... [Information of the supplier]
07.05.2018 — 10.05.2018, Heidelberg
There has been tremendous progress in the past few years regarding our understanding of DNA replication in eukaryotes, both yeast and mammals. Many important questions in the field are poised to be answered within the next decade. These include understanding DNA replication at the biochemical and ... [Information of the supplier]
24.06.2018 — 27.06.2018, Heidelberg
This symposium will build on the first meeting which took place in 2016. Microbiologists and immunologists will again come together to provide different viewpoints on the same problems in joint sessions. While maintaining continuity in topics, the meeting concept will be evolved by introducing novel ... [Information of the supplier]
05.09.2018 — 08.09.2018, Heidelberg
This interdisciplinary symposium will highlight exciting new insights into the molecular principles that govern the functional framework of genomes in space and time. The meeting program will cover all levels of organisational complexity, from DNA to chromosomes, and in model systems ranging from ... [Information of the supplier]
08.05.2016 — 11.05.2016, Heidelberg
This symposium focuses on the interface of ecology and evolutionary genetics, with special emphasis placed on the interaction between organisms as a basis for understanding ecological adaptation. New sequencing-based methods are bridging the gap between modern genetics and systems-level ecological ... [Information of the supplier]
14.05.2017 — 16.05.2017
The goal of this symposium is to promote interactions between researchers studying neural circuits both in traditional model systems (worm, fly, fish, mouse), in humans, and in diverse, emerging models to (i) discuss the origins, commonalities and differences of animal nervous systems, (ii) highlight the ... [Information of the supplier]
Die 'Entrez Nucleotides database" ist eine Sammlung von Sequenzierungsdaten aus zahlreichen Quellen, einschließlich GenBank, RefSeq und PDB. Die Basenanzahl in diesen Datenbanken wächst weiterhin mit exponentiellen Raten. Mit Stand April 2006 waren allein in GenBank and RefSeq mehr als 130 Milliarden ... [Information des Anbieters, übersetzt]
Die Liste, die früher unter der Bezeichnung "Amos' WWW links page" bekannt war, bietet Verweise zu zahlreichen Ressourcen für Molekularbiologen (einschließlich Datenbanken, Tools, Software, Wörterbüchern, Zeitschriften). Trotz des großen Umfangs betonen die Anbieter, daß sie nicht vollständig sei. Für ... [Redaktion vifabio]
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