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myCCBio is a free service that allows you to subscribe to email messages containing the tables of contents for new journal issues. myCCBio is a service of the Special Collection in Biology in Frankfurt (co-funded by the German Research Foundation - DFG) and the Virtual Library of Biology in conjunction with the Hessian Library and Information System (HeBIS). After you have registered your email address, you may choose any number of approximately 1500 journals. The service is not limited to any particular publisher, but rather draws upon a very large pool of important biological journals. We then regularly send you the current tables of contents by email.

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myCCBio is an expansion of the freely-accessible OLC Biology (Online Contents Biology) article catalogue. It contains the tables of contents of approximately 1500 journals that correspond to the collection profile of the University of Frankfurt Library’s special collection areas in biology, botany and zoology, expanded to include individual titles of related disciplines. Currently the details of approximately 2.8 million articles, published since 1993, are indexed (as at June 2009). The article catalogue, the biological sciences component of a multidisciplinary database from Swets Information Services, is updated daily. The OLC Biology article catalogue is freely-accessible worldwide, without registration.

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Please note:
Due to cancellation by our data supplier, there have been no updates since the beginning of 2015. We are trying to find an alternative solution by switching to another data supplier.

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