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13th International Biocuration Conference
Title: 13th International Biocuration Conference
Title abbreviated: "14th" International Biocuration Conference
Title alternative: "14th" International Biocuration Conference
Venue: Bar Harbor
Start date: 2020-05-17
End date: 2020-05-20
Creator: Krupke, Debbie [Oraganizer]; et al.
Publisher: The Jackson Laboratory
Abstract: The 13th International Biocuration Conference is being held on Sunday May 17th to Wednesday May, 20th, 2020 at The Bar Harbor Club, Bar Harbor, Maine, USA. This meeting will provide a forum for biocurators and developers of biological databases to discuss their work, promote collaboration, and foster a sense of community in this very active and growing area of research. [Information of the supplier, modified]; 
In some documents, the event is termed "14th International Biocuration Conference" by the organizers.
Subject: Auxilliary techniques and procedures/apparatus, equipment, materials/microscopy; Medicine and health
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