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A.E.E.B 2019 : 23rd Evolutionary Biology Meeting
Title: A.E.E.B 2019 : 23rd Evolutionary Biology Meeting
Venue: Marseille
Start date: 2019-09-24
End date: 2019-09-27
Creator: Pontarotti, Pierre [Organiser]; et al.
Abstract: The Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles is an annual congress which has gathered high level experts in evolutionary biology since its creation in 1997. The following subjects will be discussed: Evolutionary biology concepts and modeling; Biodiversity and Systematics; Comparative genomics ans post-genomics (at all taxomic levels); Functional phylogeny; Environment and biological evolution; Origin of life and exobiology; Non-adaptative versus adaptative evolution; The « minor » phyla: their usefulness in evolutionary biology knowledge; Convergent evolution Evolution of complex traits (Evo-Devo). [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Evolution (576.8)
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