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Hemipteran-Plant Interactions Symposium 2022
Title: Hemipteran-Plant Interactions Symposium 2022
Venue: Melbourne
Start date: 2022-12-07
End date: 2022-12-09
Creator: Trebicki, Piotr [Organizing Committee]; et al.
Abstract: On behalf of the organising committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to Melbourne, Australia to attend the International Hemipteran-Plant Interactions Symposium (HPIS), which will take place in December 2022. The HPIS is an interdisciplinary, international congress, bringing together researchers who study phytophagous piercing/sucking insects, their complex interactions with their host plants, environment and pathogen transmission. The congress will bring together entomologists with expertise on phytophagous hemipteran insects (Orders Hemiptera and Thysanoptera) and their endosymbionts, plant biologists and physiologists with expertise on plant defences and responses to hemipteran feeding, and plant pathologists with expertise on transmission of plant pathogens by hemipterans. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Homoptera, Heteroptera, Anoplura, Mallophaga, Thysanoptera (595.75)
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