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TRY : Plant Trait Database
Title: TRY : Plant Trait Database
Title abbreviated: TRY
Creator: Boenisch, Gerhard; Kattge, Jens
Abstract: Plant traits - morphological, anatomical, biochemical, physiological or phenological features of individuals or their component organs or tissues - are a key to understanding and predicting the adaptation of ecosystems in the face of biodiversity loss and global change. To improve the empirical data basis for such projections, in 2007 the TRY project was initiated, aimed at bringing together the different plant trait databases worldwide. In this context TRY is not an acronym, rather a statement of sentiment. Since 2007 the TRY database has accomplished an unprecedented coverage. It contains more than 5 million trait records for 1,100 traits of 2.2 million individual plants, representing 100,000 plant species. About halve of the data are geo-referenced, providing a global coverage of more than 12,000 measurement sites. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Plants characteristic of specific environments, plant ecology (581.7)
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