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Energy Landscapes - European Conference of the Landscape Research Group 2015
Title: Energy Landscapes - European Conference of the Landscape Research Group 2015
Venue: Dresden
Start date: 2015-09-16
End date: 2015-09-18
Creator: Leibenath, Markus [Chair] ; et al.
Abstract: European landscapes are being reshaped by the growth in renewable energies and the ongoing exploitation of fossil resources such as lignite (brown coal) and shale gas. These forces are at the heart of debates on the assessment, appropriate design and governance of the emerging energy landscapes. European and national policies for energy transitions challenge conventional ways of perceiving and thinking about landscapes as well as established planning routines. Key questions are: Perception – How is the character, perception, assessment and social construction of landscapes influenced by present and past uses of energy? Planning – Which types of landscape-related planning and governance regimes exist and how are they linked to landscape planning, spatial planning and energy policy? Participation – In the face of energy transitions, to what extent are landscape policies inclusive and participatory? Which actors are involved and who is constituted as an actor in this regard? Power – Which power relations shape the interplay of energies and landscapes? How can the workings of power be conceptualised and critically reflected? [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Ecology of environments made by humans (577.55);
Natural resources and energy (333.7)
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Spatial coverage: Central Europe, Germany
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