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EchinoBase - An Echinoderm Genomic Database
Title: EchinoBase - An Echinoderm Genomic Database
Creator: Cameron, Andy [Project Coordinator]; et al.
Abstract: This web site is the home for genomic information on echinoderms. It either hosts or will soon host sequence and annotation data for species from all of the eleutherozoan echinoderms (sea urchins, sea stars, brittle stars and sea cucumbers). The primary source of sequence data is the ongoing sequencing efforts from Baylor College of Medicine, Human Genome Sequencing Center. Other sources include smaller sequencing projects from individual laboratories. We try to limit as our data sources as much as possible to those archived at Genbank. The information system residing here attempts to provide up-to-date information on genomes, genes and annotations for the use of the experimental scientists. It is our policy to post new sequence information in a timely way as well as insuring the primary datasets we use are archived at Genbank and other public data sites. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Echinodermata and Hemichordata (593.9)
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Metadata update date: 2014-12-29
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