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4th meeting of the Network for Neotropical Biogeography - NNB4
Title: 4th meeting of the Network for Neotropical Biogeography - NNB4
Title abbreviated: NNB4
Venue: Ciudad de Panamá
Start date: 2015-01-14
End date: 2015-01-17
Creator: Londoño, Liliana; Jaramillo, Carlos
Abstract: Welcome to the 4th meeting of the Network for Neotropical Biogeography. The Isthmus of Panama emerged from the sea millions of years ago, joining two continents and producing one of the largest vicariance events in Earth’s history: the Great American Biotic Interchange (GABI). At that time, marine populations were separated while terrestrial plants and animals underwent massive migrations between North and South America, dramatically changing the Earth. The rise of the isthmus also impacted atmospheric and oceanic circulation, including substantial changes in Atlantic and Caribbean salinity. There is no better place to have a symposium on Neotropical Biogeography! [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Historical, geographic, persons treatment (578.09)
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Spatial coverage: Middle America, Mexico
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