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1st Annual Meeting in Conservation Genetics – Science and Practice
Title: 1st Annual Meeting in Conservation Genetics – Science and Practice
Venue: Birmensdorf
Start date: 2015-01-28
End date: 2015-01-30
Creator: Holderegger, Rolf
Abstract: Applications of conservation genetics, both in science and practice, are ever increasing. The ongoing revolution in molecular methodology opens up new possibilities for conservation genetic research. At the same time, conservation management is increasingly using genetic approaches for various practical applications, such as diagnosis, population size estimation, mating patterns and inbreeding, gene flow, fragmentation, connectivity, hybridization, adaptation and genetic monitoring. While in English-speaking countries several recurrent meetings exist that allow researchers and managers to exchange results and discuss new ideas on conservation genetics, no such platform exists in Central Europe. The aim of the Annual Meetings in Conservation Genetics is thus to bring together scientists and managers from Central Europe (mainly Germany, Austria and Switzerland) working on conservation genetics. We invite all scientists, postdocs, PhD students, Master students and, especially, conservation practitioners interested in conservation genetics to attend and contribute to the 1st Annual Meeting in Conservation Genetics taking place in Birmensdorf / Zürich, Switzerland. In the following years, the annual meeting will be hosted by different institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Conference objectives: (1) Inform researchers and managers on exciting conservation genetic research and emerging new developments, with a focus on Central Europe, (2) Provide a platform for personal exchange for scientists, students and managers interested in conservation genetics (including an extended poster session), (3) Establish a network for researchers in conservation genetics in Central Europe, (4) Present keynotes given by prominent scientists from within the European conservation genetic community. [Information of the supplier]
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