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The RNA World Website
Title: The RNA World Website
Creator: Sühnel, Jürgen; Marz, Manja
Publisher: Leibniz Institut für Altersforschung - Fritz-Lipmann-Institut
Abstract: For those scientists interested in RNA, and its diverse biological roles, the RNA World website has been set up, which collects RNArelated Internet resources. It provides links to databases of sequences, secondary structures, and coordinates and images of three-dimensional structures to other web tools, software, books, tutorials, meetings and to the RNA prototype newsgroup archive. [Information of the supplier]
Molecular Genetics
Subject: RNA (Ribonucleic acid) (572.88)
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Audience: Intermediate; Experts
Language: English
Format: website
Resource type: Discipline based portals and link collections
Access: free
Metadata update date: 2016-01-21
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