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Title alternative: Synthesis and Analysis of Local Vegetation Inventories Across Scales
Creator: Boyle, Brad; Weiser, Mike; et al.
Publisher: University of Arizona
Abstract: SALVIAS (Spatial Analysis of Local Vegetation Inventories Across Scales) is a network of ecologists, conservation biologists, biogeographers, botanists and computer programmers interested in understanding large scale patterns of plant diversity. SALVIAS is a collaborative project devoted to the study of plant abundance, diversity, and distribution at local to global scales. Our mission is to facilitate novel research by linking local ecological attributes (from vegetation inventories) with taxon-level attributes (distribution and phenology as recorded in herbarium specimens, databases of growth, biomass, phytochemistry) and properties of the physical environment (climate, soils, ecosystem energy). [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Plants characteristic of specific environments, plant ecology (581.7);
Treatments of plants by specific continents, countries, localities (581.9)
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