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Mangrove Action Project
Title: Mangrove Action Project
Title abbreviated: MAP
Creator: Mangrove Action Project <Port Angeles, Wash.>
Abstract: MAP is dedicated to reversing the degradation of mangrove forest ecosystems worldwide. Its central tenet is to promote the rights of local coastal peoples, including fishers and farmers, in the sustainable management of coastal environs. MAP provides four essential services to grassroots associations and other proponents of mangrove conservation: 1) It coordinates a unique international NGO network and information clearinghouse on mangrove forests.; 2) It promotes public awareness of mangrove forest issues; 3) It develops technical and financial support for NGO projects; and 4) MAP helps publicize within the developed nations the basic needs and struggles of Third World coastal fishing and farming communities affected by the consumer demands of the wealthy nations. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Saltwater wetland and seashore ecology (577.69);
Biological resources (333.95)
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