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A Chinese-English Glossary of Botanical Terms
Title: A Chinese-English Glossary of Botanical Terms
Creator: Rossi-Wilcox, Susan Marie
Abstract: This glossary has been developed to help botanists who are not fluent in Chinese, but have a sincere desire and patient determination to translate descriptions in whole or in part. It may also be useful for Chinese botanists searching for equivalent English terms. Begun in the autumn of 1980, the project was my sanctuary while teaching English at the South China Agricultural College outside of Guangzhou in the People’s Republic of China. Hu Shiu-Ying, Research Botanist at the Arnold Arboretum, invited me to accompany her to China and indulge my fledgling interests in pharmacognosy. I planned to stay only a few weeks and return home. When my travel visas, then required for every city, became difficult for our hosts to obtain, I opted to return to Guangzhou and help Dr. Hu’s school friend, Florence Lee. She needed a native English speaker to lecture in their language program until the American ESL teachers arrived. Their visas were never approved and I finished teaching the six-month course. What I lacked in experience and training, the students provided in enthusiasm and curiosity. The students, in fact, were mature scholars from various disciplines of agriculture who were earnestly preparing for fellowships abroad. This unbelievably dedicated group of about eighty men and women from all parts of China had survived the Cultural Revolution and the political devastation that uprooted their education, careers, personal lives, and national heritage. While the trial proceeded for the deposed leaders known as The Gang of Four, I tried to define the cultural differences between our countries to prepare the students for an academic environment outside of China. In turn, they taught me simplicity, collaboration, and the intrinsic beauty of the Chinese characters. [Information of the supplier]
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