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VertNet - Search and download millions of vertebrate records
Title: VertNet - Search and download millions of vertebrate records
Title abbreviated: VertNet
Creator: Bloom, David; et al.
Abstract: VertNet is a collaborative project funded by the National Science Foundation that aims to make biodiversity data free and openly accessible on the web from publishers worldwide. Partners include the University of California Berkeley, the University of Colorado, Kansas University, and Tulane University, in collaboration with over 165 publishers representing 388 natural history and paleontological collections. We have over 8 million records from 98 collections shared by 45 publishers. A full text search interface features advanced search with support for complex queries containing exact phrases, OR, NOT, keywords, date ranges, record type, user specified sort order, and filters for media and tissues. We also added spatial search which allows you to find occurrences within a user-resizable point radius on the map. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Chordates (596)
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