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Evolutionary Plant Radiations Meeting
Title: Evolutionary Plant Radiations Meeting
Venue: Zurich
Start date: 2014-06-13
End date: 2014-06-14
Publisher: University of Zurich / Institute of Systematic Botany
Abstract: Recent developments are providing exciting new insights into the evolutionary dynamics of species diversification and the importance of evolutionary radiations, or rapid episodes of lineage diversification. The aim of this meeting is to explore questions about where, when and why plant evolutionary radiations happen, and how they proceed. The meeting will bring together contributions spanning: (i) new models of species diversification, including paleodiversity and trait evolution, and the increasingly sophisticated and powerful tools available for testing hypotheses about diversification trajectories and their causes; (ii) the proliferation of new molecular phylogenetic data, for more and larger plant clades spanning broader taxonomic, geographical and temporal levels, as well as opportunities for unprecedented phylogenetic resolution of rapidly evolving clades coming from genome-scale DNA sequence data; (iii) assembly of more comprehensive species geographic distribution, functional and life history trait data sets that are enabling more accurate and complete reconstruction of biogeographic and trait evolution histories and interactions; (iv) empirical studies of key plant radiations for understanding the contributions of biotic interactions (pollinators, herbivores, pathogens) as drivers of radiations, the interplay between ecological opportunity and evolutionary innovation in driving radiations, and the mechanisms of radiations in terms of underlying population ecology and speciation. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Speciation (576.86);
Evolution of plants (581.38)
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