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HEXEvent - a database of Human EXon splicing Events
Title: HEXEvent - a database of Human EXon splicing Events
Title abbreviated: HEXEvent
Creator: Hertel, Klemens J.; et al.
Abstract: HEXEvent is a free database that provides a list of human internal exons and reports all their known splice events based on EST information from the UCSC Genome Browser . This list can be restricted by the user to either only a specific region in the genome (by specifying the chromosome, the strand and the start and end position), to a whole chromosome or to a group of genes. Furthermore, exons can be filtered according to their splicing type (constitutive exons, cassette exons and exons with one or more alternative 3' and/or 5' splice sites). In order to extract a customized set of exons, the user-specific definitions of exon types can be fixed. The user needs to specify in what fraction of ESTs an exon is allowed to be alternatively spliced in order to still be called constitutive. Furthermore, the user can restrict the set of requested cassette exons by a certain upper inclusion level, which, for instance, is useful when only looking for low-inclusion exons. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: DNA (Desoxyribonucleic acid) (572.86)
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