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DGVa - Database of Genomic Variants Archive
Title: DGVa - Database of Genomic Variants Archive
Title abbreviated: DGVa
Creator: EMBL - EBI = European Molecular Biology Laboratory - EBI
Abstract: The Database of Genomic Variants archive (DGVa) is a repository that provides archiving, accessioning and distribution of publicly available genomic structural variants, in all species. In recent years there have been unprecedented advances in the technologies that characterise genomic variation, and it is well known that variation at the single nucleotide level is abundant across the genomes of all species. However, it is becoming clear that genomic structural variation - this is variation ranging from tens to millions of base pairs in size and includes insertions, deletions, inversions, translocations and locus copy number changes - accounts for more of the individual differences at the base pair level in humans and is likely to play a major role in disease. Two other areas of research that are becoming increasingly important in this field are discovering how genomic structural variation affects an individual's characteristics, and understanding the role it has played in the evolution of species. The DGVa catalogues, stores and freely disseminates this important class of variation in any species, providing a valuable resource to a large community of researchers. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: General topics in biochemical genetics (572.83)
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