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LisBeth : New cladistics for phylogenetics and biogeography
Title: LisBeth : New cladistics for phylogenetics and biogeography
Title abbreviated: LisBeth
Creator: Zaragüeta-Bagils, René; et al.
Abstract: LisBeth is a standalone computer program that implements the three-item analysis (3ia) for cladistic research in phylogenetics and biogeography. The development of the 3ia approach begun with the works of Gary Nelson, Norman Platnick, Pauline Ladiges (Nelson and Ladiges 1991; Nelson and Platnick 1991; Nelson and Ladiges 1992; Nelson and Ladiges 1996). Recent advances of the method are due to the research by David M. Williams and Malte C. Ebach among others. LisBeth is the only package of computer programs specially designed for three-item analysis (3ia), i.e. phylogenetics and cladistic biogeography. LisBeth graphic user interface (GUI), allows representing hypotheses of homology among taxa or areas directly as rooted trees or as hierarchies, i.e. as nested Venn diagrams. The GUI is used to enter, edit and visualize the hypotheses of homology and the results of their combination using 3ia. It allows a complete description of each character (each tree) and each state (each component of the tree). It may be used for systematics, and it is being adapted for cladistic biogeography. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Phylogeny (576.88)
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