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Fifth International Conference of the Pan African Fish and Fisheries Association (PAFFA 5)
Title: Fifth International Conference of the Pan African Fish and Fisheries Association (PAFFA 5)
Title abbreviated: PAFFA 5
Title alternative: Cinquième Conférence Internationale de l'Association de la Pêche et les Poissons (PAFFA 5)
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Venue: Bujumbura
Start date: 2013-09-16
End date: 2013-09-20
Creator: Ntakimazi, Gaspard; Banyankimbona, Gaspard
Abstract: The fresh and brackish water fish fauna of Africa is highly diversified and comprises over 3000 species belonging to about 90 families. These fishes inhabit a wide variety of habitats ranging from small temporary streams to large and permanently flowing rivers, from shallow marshlands to large deep lakes, in dry and wet climatic zones. In many African countries, fishes are a major source of protein and income generation. While in many regions capture fisheries are fully exploited, the development of aquaculture in Africa continues to lag behind its predicted potential. Despite its economic and social importance, the African fish fauna is exposed to many threats, most of which are of anthropogenic origin. The major causes of the loss of fish diversity are the fragmentation or destruction of habitats resulting from stream regulation, the introduction of alien species, the overexploitation of fish resources, and pollution. Much research has been, or is being, conducted on the fish and fisheries of the African continent. In order to access and share this growing body of scientific knowledge it was recognized that an international gathering bringing together scientists from all over the world was required. The first of such meetings took place in 1993 in Dakar, Senegal; the second in Grahamstown, South Africa in 1998; the third in Cotonou, Benin in 2003, the fourth in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2008. The fifth is due to take place on 16-20 September 2013 in Bujumbura, Burundi. This meeting will provide an opportunity for scientists from throughout Africa and around the world to come together, to get to know one another, exchange information and ideas, and to initiate collaborative studies. Several renowned scientists, young researchers and other stakeholders are expected to attend this important meeting. Representatives of the International Organizing Committee (see members above) met on 4-5 June 2012 in Bujumbura and set up the themes and the necessary dates and requirements for the organization of the meeting. The International Organizing Committee now seeks contributions to the Conference. Please enclose the title of your paper/poster and suggestions for workshop with your registration form. Abstracts should be sent before 30 April 2013. All abstracts will be refereed before final acceptance. The abstracts need to be in line with the following main themes of the conference. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: General topics in natural history of cold-blooded certebrates, fishes (597.1);
Hunting, fishing, conservation, related technologies (639)
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