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G.I.R.O.S. - Gruppo Italiano per la Ricerca sulle Orchidee Spontanee
Title: G.I.R.O.S. - Gruppo Italiano per la Ricerca sulle Orchidee Spontanee
Title abbreviated: G.I.R.O.S.
Title alternative: Orchis of Italy : Pagina ufficiale del Gruppo Italiano per la Ricerca sulle Orchidee Spontanee
Creator: Biagioli, Mauro [Presidente]; et al.
Abstract: Going around Italy, in the right season (spring, in particular), you have a good chance to find one of the italian terrestrial orchids. The best thing to do, at this point, is to use a photographic camera and, possibly, a macro lens, to get a picture of the orchid spike and leave the plant where you have found it. The people of the "Italian Group for the Research on Wild Orchids" will be pleased because the complex natural history of this family and the continuous attack due to the anthropic use of our land lead to some danger of extinction of many orchids species. In the "Genera" window, you will find a list of the genera: clicking on the name will show a typical image in the"Image" window. The label of the image is clickable and will enter the "genus page"; if the image is clickable, this link will start a sequence of different images: this may be useful for the genera containing many species with different aspects. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Orchidales (584.4);
Animals as biological resources (333.954)
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Spatial coverage: Italian Peninsula and adjacent islands, Italy
Audience: Intermediate; Experts
Language: Italian
Format: website
Resource type: Non-governmental organisations
Access: free
Metadata update date: 2013-07-09
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