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AnnoSys : A generic annotation system for biodiversity data [Wiki]
Title: AnnoSys : A generic annotation system for biodiversity data [Wiki]
Title alternative: Annotationssystem für Biodiversitätsdaten [Wiki]
Creator: Tschöpe, Okka; et al.
Publisher: Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum
Abstract: The project´s main objective is to exemplarily develop a specification for an annotation data repository for networked and highly complex scientific data. AnnoSys is based on a prototype developed in the context of SYNTHESYS and uses the Open Ontology and the Open Annotation Extension Specification of the Open Annotation Community Group and an RDF-database for storing the information. AnnoSys will be implemented using the example of collection and observation data in the botanic domain provided by the GBIF/BioCASE system. Analogical to the traditional, written annotation of natural history collection objects, e.g. concerning their taxonomic identity, a procedure is established for data available via the internet. This will allow annotations of single data sets as well as mass annotations for sets of collection objects. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Subject: Museum activities and services, Collecting (570.75)
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