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The Orthopterists' Society
Title: The Orthopterists' Society
Title alternative: Pan American Acridological Society
Creator: Cigliano, Maria-Marta [President]
Abstract: The Orthopterists' Society (formerly the Pan American Acridological Society) is an international scientific organization devoted to facilitating communication among those interested in Orthoptera and related organisms, and to encourage collaborative research and control programs in Orthopterology among countries of the World. We foster research and publication in all aspects of the biology of these insects from ecology and taxonomy to physiology, endrocrinology, cytogenetics, and control measures. The Society currently has 440 members from 60 countries on six continents. We foster research and publication in all aspects of the in all aspects of Orthopterology. The Society publishes the refereed Journal of Orthoptera Research which appears twice a year. Graduate students and young researchers can apply for the Orthopterists' Society Research Fund. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Apterygota, Orthoptera and related orders (595.72)
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