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Consortium of California Herbaria
Title: Consortium of California Herbaria
Title abbreviated: CCH
Creator: Markos, Stacy; Moe, Richard L.; Dean, Ellen
Publisher: University of California
Abstract: The Consortium of California Herbaria was developed to serve as a gateway to information from California vascular plant specimens that are housed in herbaria throughout the state. The database now (July 2012) includes information from 1.57 million specimens, all searchable through a single interface. Originally developed in 2003 around botanical collections from University of California herbaria, the Consortium continues to grow as more collections are added. Currently, collections from twenty institutions are accessible through this interface. The participating institutions cooperate under the guidelines of a Memorandum of Understanding. Participation as a data provider to the Consortium database is open to California herbaria that meet these Minimum Requirements for data inclusion. The data included in this database are a snapshot of the California vascular plant collections at partner institutions. More recent data may be available through the individual herbaria. Some participating herbaria have collections of fungi, lichens, and bryophytes; those specimens are not included here. The holdings of the participant herbaria are listed in a bar graph and a chart; the county record breakdown is depicted in a set of bar graphs. Operational details are available on a separate page. Please send any feedback regarding the specimen data directly to the curator of each participating herbarium. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Museums, collections, exhibits (580.74)
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Spatial coverage: Western United States
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