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ASAB - Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour
Title: ASAB - Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour
Title abbreviated: ASAB
Creator: Hurst, Jane [President]
Abstract: ASAB was founded in 1936 to promote the study of animal behaviour. There are now approximately 2000 members. Many members are professional biologists who work in universities, research institutes or schools. ASAB: a) Owns Animal Behaviour, the leading international scientific journal in its field; b) Promotes the study of animal behaviour by holding conferences; c) Actively supports research into animal behaviour by offering members research and travel grants, sponsoring workshops and offering vacation scholarships for undergraduates; d) Provides members with regular electronic updates about Society activities; e) Cares about animals - it has an Ethical Committee to promote the ethical treatment and conservation of the animals we study; f) Encourages the teaching of animal behaviour in schools - it has an Education Committee, publishes a regular Newsletter for teachers, organizes workshops and produces educational videos, books and practicals; g) Has close links with the American Animal Behavior Society and h) also convenes a joint coordinating committee of European animal behaviour societies. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Organizations and management (590.6);
Behavior (591.5)
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