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Lepidopterology - The study of butterflies and moths
Title: Lepidopterology - The study of butterflies and moths
Title abbreviated: Lepidopterology
Creator: Abadjiev, Stanislav; et al.
Abstract: This website is a scientific portal exclusively focused on butterfly and moth (Lepidoptera) studies. It contains a dictionary of lepidopterological terms, the most complete independent selection of butterfly and moth (Lepidoptera) related directory on the Internet, an electronic museum of butterflies with Photos and drawings of real specimens, interesting facts, library catalogue. Moreover there is a digital library dealing with the history of lepidopterology (biographies, original descriptions, the type specimens), e-books and more. There is also an online database of people interested in butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera) and a section with butterfly and other bug icons, wallpapers, free butterfly greeting cards, poetry and online games. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Lepidoptera (595.78)
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Language: English
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