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Title: hemihomonyms
Title abbreviated: HHDB
Creator: Shipunov, Alexey
Publisher: Universität
Abstract: If two different species, genera or other taxons have the same name, this name is a homonym. Homonyms are illegal if they belong to the same code of nomenclature. If same name belongs to different codes, it is a hemihomonym (Starobogatov, 1991). Despite of their validity, hemihomonyms are misleading and even dangerous. If there is a possibility that a name is a hemihomonym, use postfix (b), (c) or (z) for names covered by Botanical, Bacteriological, or Zoological codes of nomenclature, respectively. To check if name is a hemihomonym, please use table below or the query with this search API prototype. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Language and communication (570.14)
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