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MOFEP - Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project
Title: MOFEP - Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project
Title abbreviated: MOFEP
Creator: Anderson, Charles; et al.
Abstract: The Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project or MOFEP, is one of the most comprehensive ecological investigations of forest response ever undertaken in upland oak ecosystems. Great attention has been given to the design of the MOFEP experiment and to coordination of the numerous associated research studies. Initiated in 1991, MOFEP includes coordinated research studies examining vegetation dynamics, down wood, fungi, birds, small mammals, herpetofauna, invertebrates, and genetics. Soil, geolandforms, ecological landtypes, and climate at the sites are also studied. This study embraces the following ideas: a) This research must deal with large landscapes; b) We must be concerned with long time frames; c) Consider where and when to create disturbance; d) We have enough knowledge to start managing ecosystems; e) We must synthesize the result of research that address many different ecosystem attributes and processes; f) Ecosystem modeling is necessary for synthesis; g) We must facilitate cooperation and collaboration; h) Researchers must share research sites; i) We must collaborate on real landscapes and j) We must remember that people are part of the ecosystem. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Forest ecology (577.3)
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