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Gentian Research Network
Title: Gentian Research Network
Creator: Struwe, Lena
Abstract: The Gentian Research Network is a free, not-for-profit, web-based forum for worldwide research on the natural history and evolution of the flowering plant family Gentianaceae (gentians). Here you will find information on current research projects in the Gentianaceae, focusing on their systematics, evolution, molecular systematics, classification (Struwe et al. 2002 or most current), ecology, biogeography, endangered species, biodiversity, distribution, anatomy, morphology, palynology, ethnobotany, and nomenclature. We also have a link to a large reference list, floristic works, images, research projects, and contact information for researchers and photographers. Gentian species occur around the world and have many different names, for example: centaury, çentiyane, chirayta, chirata, and chiretta, Encian, Enzian, fever tree, genciana, gentian, gentiane, genziane, long dan ke, pua keni keni, rindo, and tembusu. Gentians are gorgeous and have been used for millenia in horticulture, as medicines, and are also important in ecosystems as food sources for butterflies, nectar sources for pollinators, and many other functions. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Asteridae (583.9)
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