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Nucleolar Proteome Database
Title: Nucleolar Proteome Database
Creator: Leung, Anthony; et al.
Abstract: This site contains all of the data from our ongoing proteomic analysis of human nucleoli, which is carried out as a collaboration between the Lamond and Mann laboratories (in Denmark and Munich). Using high sensitivity mass spectrometry and stringent criteria, we have so far identified ~700 human nucleolar proteins. More recently, we used a quantitative proteomic approach for the temporal characterization of protein flux through the nucleolus, determining the kinetics of up to 489 nucleolar proteins after various drug treatments and demonstrating that there is no unique, complete proteome for the nucleolus, but rather an overlapping set of proteomes that are relevant to different cell states or conditions. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Proteins (572.6);
Biochemical genetics in animals (572.81)
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