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SitEx Database
Title: SitEx Database
Title abbreviated: SitEx
Creator: Institute of Cytology and Genetics / Computer Proteomics Group <Novosibirsk>
Abstract: Analyzing protein structure projection on exon-intron structure of corresponding gene through years led to several fundamental conclusions about structural and functional organization of the protein. According to these results we decided to map the protein functional sites. So we created the database SitEx that keep the information about this mapping and included the BLAST search and 3D similar structure search using PDB3DScan for the polypeptide encoded by one exon, participating in organizing the functional site. This will help to: a) study the positions of the functional sites in exon structure; b) make the complex analysis of the protein function; c) exposure the exons that took part in exon shuffling and came from bacterial genomes and d) study the peculiarities of coding the polypeptide structures. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Proteins (572.6)
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