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Edaphobase - GBIF Database on Soil Zoology
Title: Edaphobase - GBIF Database on Soil Zoology
Title abbreviated: Edaphobase
Title alternative: Edaphobase - Database for distribution and ecology of soil organisms
Creator: Xylander, Willi; et al.
Publisher: Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung
Abstract: Edaphobase merges existing data on soil organisms of different institutions and persons dealing with this topic. Data accquired from literature and collections complete these datasets.Within Edaphobase these data are administered and will be analyseable via a webapplication – a so far unique project in germany. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Soil ecology (577.57);
Animals of miscellaneous environments (591.75)
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Audience: Intermediate; Experts
Language: English; German
Format: website; database
Resource type: Factual databases
Access: free
Metadata update date: 2013-06-24
Metadata provider: UBFfm
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