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Prochlorococcus Portal
Title: Prochlorococcus Portal
Title abbreviated: ProPortal
Creator: Chisholm, Sallie; et al.
Abstract: One of the goals of the Chisholm Lab is to develop Prochlorococcus, and its phage, as a model system for Integrative Systems Biology. Advances in sequencing and high-throughput technologies have begun to generate massive databases of microbial genes and transcriptomes in the oceans, and we are fortunate that Prochlorococcus genes are well represented in these data bases. In addition, genomes of cultured isolates of Prochlorococcus, and the phage that infect them, are growing in number, as are microarray experiments to examine gene expression. The goal of this public website is to provide easy access to this growing database of Prochlorococcus. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Prokaryotes (Bacteria) (579.3)
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