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ProtChemSI: protein-chemical interaction database
Title: ProtChemSI: protein-chemical interaction database
Title abbreviated: ProtChemSI
Title alternative: ProtChemSI: the database of protein-chemical structural interactions
Creator: Kalinina, Olga; Russell, Rob
Abstract: The database of protein-chemical structural interactions includes all existing 3D structures of complexes of proteins with low molecular weight ligands. When one consideres the proteins and chemical vertices of a graph, all these interactions form a network. Biological networks are powerful tools for predicting undocumented relationships between molecules. The underlying principle is that existing interactions between molecules can be used to predict new interactions. For pairs of proteins sharing a common ligand, we use protein and chemical superimpositions combined with fast structural compatibility screens to predict whether additional compounds bound by one protein would bind the other. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Proteins (572.6)
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