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MPD - Mouse Phenome Database
Title: MPD - Mouse Phenome Database
Title abbreviated: MPD
Creator: Bogue, Molly A.; et al.
Abstract: The Mouse Phenome Database (MPD; characterizes strains of laboratory mice to facilitate translational discoveries and to assist in selection of mouse strains for experimental studies. We're a grant-funded research effort headquartered at The Jackson Laboratory. Data sets are voluntarily contributed by researchers from a variety of institutions and settings, or in some cases retrieved by us from open public sources. MPD has three major types of strain-centric data sets: phenotype strain surveys, SNP and variation data, and gene expression strain surveys. See our database stats page for counts and more details. MPD collects data on classical inbred strains as well as any fixed-genotype strains and derivatives that are openly acquirable by community investigators (strain panel examples). Strains can be from JAX-Mice or from any other vendor. Investigators looking to test a diverse set of classical strains should consider our MPD priority strain set. We currently don't subsidize or assist with mouse procurement for projects. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: General topics in biochemical genetics (572.83);
Genetics, evolution, young of mammals (599.13)
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