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ISPI - International Society for Pest Information
Title: ISPI - International Society for Pest Information
Title abbreviated: ISPI
Creator: Deutsch, Allan E. [President]; et al.
Publisher: ISPI = International Society for Pest Information
Abstract: The International Society for Pest Information (ISPI) was established in January 2001 as a non-profit organization and is registered in Darmstadt, Germany. ISPI promotes information exchange with the aim to contribute to the development of pest management methods which are effective and safe for humans and the environment. For us the term 'pest' covers: a) animal pests, diseases and weeds in agriculture, forestry and stores; b) arthropods (e.g. insects), which are harmful to livestock or effect humans directly. We have started to assemble and maintain databases which contain lists of pests, beneficials and literature, as well as addresses of relevant research institutes, companies, organizations, scientists and professionals. The information is disseminated through the internet and on CDs. Currently our main activity is the preparation and distribution of the 'Pest Directory' database as a CD. ISPI is organized as a network of scientists, who participate in Society activities like data collection or the design and operation of internet pages. Membership is open to anyone willing to promote the aims of the Society. There are no membership fees, instead Members support the Society through their activities. The Society recognizes: a) Contributing Members, who stay in regular contact with ISPI and update information on their own affiliation, their publications and on relevant international meetings they are involved in. b) Active Members, who participate in the organization of the Society and the preparation and distribution of the databases. The active members elect every three years an Executive Committee (composed of the President, the Vice-President and the Executive Officer) as well as a Finance Committee, composed of 3 to 5 Finance Officers who are not member of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee organizes and helps to implement the activities of the Society. The Finance Committee examines the expenditures of the Society and verifies that they correspond with the aims and rules of the Society. Members who cannot participate in the meetings electing the Society Officers can vote in advance by e-mail. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Harmful organisms (578.65);
Plant injuries, diseases and pests (632)
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