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Mangroves of Singapore
Title: Mangroves of Singapore
Creator: Tan, Ria; Lim, Kelvin K P; Dhanaraj, Anne
Abstract: Mangrove swamps owe their treacherous reputation to exaggerated tales of a muddy floor that sucks you in, a stench of rotten eggs, hordes of mosquitoes bearing deadly malaria, poisonous snakes hanging from trees and of course, man-eating crocodiles and tigers. In actual fact, it is quite a harmless place, especially in Singapore! Marvel instead at the strange roots which push through mud to breathe or grow downwards from tree-trunks to provide support, seeds which germinate even before leaving the parent tree, a fish so comfortable on land it evades the sea, crabs which dance and wave, a moth which 'watches' for the rising tide and a lobster which helps to reclaim from the sea! From a coastline almost entirely covered with mangroves, Singapore now contains only a few scattered patches of mangrove. Yet the little that remains has revealed many surprising discoveries, and its survival is one of the premier challenges facing conservationists today. With the help of these guidebooks, we hope that you too will come to cherish this habitat, and share our wonder of its many inhabitants. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Marine ecology (577.7);
Trees (582.16)
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Spatial coverage: Southeast Asia
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