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Climbers of Guyana
Title: Climbers of Guyana
Title alternative: Liana Website; Lianas of Guyana
Creator: Raes, Niels; Ek, Renske C.
Abstract: This site provides a vegetative key to the families of climber species in central Guyana, South America, particularly the Mabura Hill area. Furthermore, a detailed description of all species found in the framework of our research (see below) can be found. In order to use the vegetative key, the first step is to indicate whether a species has simple or compound leaves and whether the leaf arrangement is alternate or opposite. The icons of these leaf characteristics are found on the left side. Clicking on one of the icons will lead to a specific part of the vegetative key, allowing to key out to the family level. Clicking on a family name will result in a list with all climber species in that family. Click left on a family name and a dropdown menu with all the climber species belonging to that particular family will be shown. At the same time, a vegetative key to the species (where available; at this moment only the Menispermaceae) and a species list will appear. By clicking on a species name the corresponding page will be loaded. On that page you will find a vegetative description of the species with drawings and pictures where available. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Vines (582.18)
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Spatial coverage: Guiana
Audience: Beginner; Intermediate
Language: English
Format: website
Resource type: Identification keys;
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