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Virtual Tree Guide of the Guianas
Title: Virtual Tree Guide of the Guianas
Creator: Haripersaud, Paddy; Steege, Hans ter
Abstract: Plot studies often face problems with the identification of both fertile and sterile material. Numerous books need to be taken into the field to aid in identification of specimens. The Virtual Tree Guide of the Guianas which will available on CD and accessible through the WWW may assist researchers in finding a quick match of those species that are considered to be able to reach sizes over 10 cm DBH. Over 4000 specimens have been digitized in the Utrecht Herbarium. They are organized by genus and family. As the Utrecht Herbarium has adopted the APG-1 classification the families are named accordingly. Hence, Flacourtiaceae will be found under Salicaceae, as an example. In order to make identifications possible with Jan Lindeman's punch card system, we also provide a link to the windows program "Flora" and the keys for the Surinamese plant families, "Surifam", both of which are packed into one executable zip file "Zipflora" With Flora and Surifam, you are in possession of a fast and easy synoptical key of the families (old classification) of Suriname and part of Para, Brazil. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Trees (582.16)
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