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ATDN - Amazon Tree Diversity Network
Title: ATDN - Amazon Tree Diversity Network
Title abbreviated: ATDN
Creator: Steege, Hans ter; et. al.
Publisher: Universiteit
Abstract: The Amazon Tree Diversity Network is an electronic network of 143 botanists, ecologists and taxonomists that share data and information on tree diversity in the pan-Amazon (Amazonia s.s. and the Guyana Shield). Our drive is to gain a better understanding of the processes that drive (patterns of) alfa- and beta-diversity in the region and, through this knowledge, contribute to better conservation strategies for the region. Currently we work with data from botanical 1-ha plots (and sometimes different sizes), forest inventories, and herbarium collections. In 2003 the work of ATDN resulted the first accurate and robust map of tree alpha-diversity of the Amazon. We unravelled relationships between climate and diversity. The combination of the above results and use of functional groups, successfully tried in some of our Guyana plots, and now also in the Amazon, can perhaps help us to predict the effect of global change in these important and beautiful forests. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Research/statistical methods (570.72);
Rain forest ecology (577.34)
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Spatial coverage: South America
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