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Dig It! Integrated Ig Database
Title: Dig It! Integrated Ig Database
Title alternative: Database of Immunoglobulins and Integrated Tools
Creator: Tramontano, Anna; Marcatili, Paolo; Chailyan, Anna
Publisher: Sapienza University / Department of Biochemical Sciences
Abstract: The Database of Immunoglobulins and Integrated Tools (DIG IT, is an online repository that contains information on the sequences of immunoglobulin variable domains of NCBI database. It contains 145759 heavy chain sequences and 71404 light chain sequences (47168 kappa type and 24236 lambda type) with assigned canonical structures for the hypervariable loops and the data on the type of antigen as well as the pairing information of immunoglobulin heavy and light chains (9672 total pairs). The user can input the immunoglobulin variable domain sequence (amino acid or nucleotide) of interest (heavy chain variable domain sequence; light chain variable domain sequence or both) to retrieve the closest sequences (sorted according to e-value) with complete annotation. The user can also directly query the database by antigen type, canonical structure, germline family in accordance to the requirements. The database structure, as well as its querying, browsing and reporting interfaces, are described below. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Proteins (572.6)
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Metadata update date: 2015-06-12
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