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xeno-canto : bird sounds from around the world
Title: xeno-canto : bird sounds from around the world
Title abbreviated: xeno-canto
Title alternative: xeno-canto : sharing bird sounds from around the world
Creator: Planqué, Bob; Vellinga, Willem-Pier
Abstract: Perhaps you have shared our frustration of sifting through your sound collection without ever finding the bird you recorded. Although an enormous amount of recordings are available on tape or even CDROM, they usually do not allow you to set up a sensible search strategy, in other words they are not true guides. This is odd, because of the great importance of songs in clinching ID's and in locating species in forests. The classification of birds in field guides is based on shared characteristics and usually leads to a reasonably fast convergence to a species, or genus, even in the tropics. For plants, elaborate decision trees exist that lead you to a certain species(group). For some areas such as Europe completely different decision trees even exist, allowing several independent lines of attack. The idea here is to do something similar for bird sounds. A set of simple characteristics has been chosen: the only instrument needed to determine them is a (stop)watch. More sophisticated and interesting ways of characterising and comparing the sounds exist, and we are planning to develop those here as time progresses, hopefully with your help. What these characteristics will do is limit the number of choices that you have, and more importantly bring together sounds that somehow sound similar, regardless of whether the species producing them are related or not. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Behavior (591.5);
General topics in natural history of birds (598.1)
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